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Tokyo Smoke is a cannabis brand for those who appreciate high design. Through inspired creative direction and a thoughtful and thorough evolution of the brand, the “stoner” image has been redefined. The experience is made refined, evocative and engaging. Consequently, Tokyo Smoke has been named “Brand of the Year” at the Canadian Cannabis Awards and featured in The Coveteur, Complex, Market Wired, and more.

Photography by Alex Cirka, David Pike, Jacqueline Ashton and Zhamak Fullad.

Dipper and smoke
incense and Summerland apple bong
Inda keychain pipe + Twisty Glass Pipe
Japanese workwear jacket and teal Pax3
Tokyo Smoke coffee cup
Tokyo Smoke Abscent bag
Genius Pipe
High Gear portrait
Genius Pipe
High Gear of Celeste
Pipe still life